The Truth In A Name

Confession, I got the idea for the name for my childbirth education program from Prissy in Gone With the Wind’s confession to Scarlett during Mellie’s troubling labor that she knew nothing about birthing babies.  I had been trying to find the right name for about a year and while reading Gone With the Wind for the first time it dawned on me that so many expectant moms know so little about birthing babies and the sole mission of this business is to make sure moms have the information they need to have the births they want today, tomorrow, and for the rest of their lives, so they can look back and feel proud of the choices they made.

Millennial moms have so much information at their finger tips it’s overwhelming.  For every piece of information you find you can find something saying exactly the opposite.  Knowing who to trust is a crucial part of gathering information.  Information presented in this class is evidence based and scientifically proven, yet delivered in a manner that is easily comprehended and put into practice.  Parents are able to set the tone for learning specifically to meet their needs.  The class is perfect for experienced parents looking for a different birth dynamic, or new parents that know nothing about birthing babies!