New Moms Group

You took classes on how to give birth, diaper, swaddle, and breastfeed your baby.  You read articles, watched videos, and prepared yourself as best as you could for becoming a new mom.  But there are so many aspects of becoming a mother you can’t prepare yourself for.  You never knew that you would burst into tears just watching your precious newborn sleep, or for that matter that your baby would fall asleep and you would breath a sigh of relief that you finally got a minute to yourself.

They say it takes a village to raise a child.  I couldn’t agree more!  I believe that village is needed to guide and protect your littlest love into adulthood, but it is also to support and lift up the new parents.

Join Birthing Babies VA for a free, local New Moms Support Group that will bring moms together to share tips and tricks to survival and build your village.  This group is happy to share evidence based best practices, but will not provide medical advise.  Please consult your child’s care provider if you have medical concerns.

Monthly Schedule (starting June):

1st Monday, 11am-12noon: Essex County Public Library, Tappahannock, VA

You are not required to register, but we encourage you to in case there is an issue with the location/weather/facilitator.